Thursday, October 23, 2008

New EPIC Michigan Poll : Obama 51%, McCain 37%

Holy sweet...

That is a monster EPIC number, and now it's pretty easy to see why they left Michigan and went to other states.

The poll, done exclusively for WOOD TV8 and our broadcast partners, shows Obama ahead, 51-37. One month ago, the same poll showed Obama held a 10-point lead.

Carl is cruising, and "generic" Democrats hold an advantage.

In the race for the US Senate, Carl Levin retains a commanding 58-30 lead over his main challenger Jack Hoogendyk.

When asked for which party they'd vote for their US Congress, State House representatives and local partisan offices, the generic Democrat beat the generic Republican. For Congress, Democrats were chosen 42-33, for State House Democrats were picked 41-36, and for local partisan races by a margin of 34-32.

Will update with the link to the entire poll if they put it up.