Thursday, October 30, 2008

New EPIC Poll: Granholm 46% Palin 43%

Ha ha ha. Jennifer Granholm now leads Sarah Palin 46-43 in the total favorables. Eat that, Republicans. Palin 2012? You betcha! Sign her right up!

OK, on to the serious numbers. Out of 600 voters, Obama still leads McCain 50%-38%. The other 12% in this sample? It's a wonder they can answer the phone. But they did and here is the rest of the story...

Levin is up on Mad Jack 54%-36%. No news there.

This "generic" question they ask really goes nowhere. For Congress - Dems win 46-34, with 17% saying undecided or refused. For State Representative, about the same thing - Dems win 43-34, with 21% undecided or refused. Local races breakdown to Dem 36-31, with 30% off the books. Too hard to get specific on these, but nice to know they lean Democratic though.

Now for the important stuff. Seeing as how this might be the "last EPIC poll", the Supreme Court race is going to be a mystery to us until election day.

A clear majority (57%) of voters have not made up their minds in the race for the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Challenger Diane Hathaway leads, 21-20, over incumbent Cliff Taylor among those who have made a choice.

And on the props - Yes on 1 is passing by a wide margin, 57%-36% and, wow!, who woulda thunkit, to that, while Yes on 2 is barely squeaking by at 46%-44%. I would have guessed the opposite on these. It just goes to show you never know what those wacky Michiganders are gonna do...

Read the full poll here.