Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Our Country Deserves Better" PAC Stealing Copyrighted Images

Is this ad playing in your area in Michigan?

Obama/Granholm: Wrong for Michigan!

If so, let me know. They are using images off of my Flickr account, images that are clearly marked "all rights reserved".

They do not have permission to use these images.

If you have seen this ad - leave a comment or drop us a line at, tell us when and where.

According to the National Journal, they are spending 500 g's running these ads in Michigan. I haven't seen them in the GR area. Yet.

The group is spending $500,000 in Michigan to run its previous ad featuring Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, as well as several new ones.

Yes, our country DOES deserve better than conservative pacs who use other people's work without permission. This is not a "fair use" issue.

Anyone know any good copyright lawyers?

UPDATE: YouTube has removed the video after I provided proof of copyright. The ad uses a cut-out of Granholm and Obama from this picture -

Gore, Obama and Granholm

... and uses some from this set as well. I do have a copy of the video for appropriate parties to view.

UPDATE 2, 10/23: The ad just played in the GR area, 6:29PM on WOOD.

So, they are running it on TV.