Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Schauer Creating Green Jobs, Walberg Named to the LCV "Dirty Dozen"

The choice doesn't get much clearer than this. Mark Schauer had a hand in bringing United Solar Ovonic to Battle Creek, creating 350 jobs to start, and up to 700 when they add an additional plant. Given the fact that Uni-Solar has $2 billion in backorders, more plants seem very, very likely. They can't build them fast enough in Greenville; chances are Battle Creek will be the same way.

Battle Creek Senator Mark Schauer, United Solar Executive Vice President John Morgan and Battle Creek Unlimited's Karl Dehn all made their pleas to the M.E.G.A. board Tuesday.

The board heard their calls and signed off on tax credits that helped secure United Solar's move to Battle Creek over sites in New York and North Carolina.

The company, that makes solar cells, says that they picked Battle Creek because the site was ready to go and that for them time is of the essence since they already have a backlog of nearly $2 billion in business.

Hundreds of jobs that will help save the planet. Doesn't get much better than that. Congratulations and big thanks go out to Senator Schauer, MEDC, Governor Granholm, and everyone who had a hand in this - this is one company Michigan should be very proud to have in our midst.

Tim Walberg? Well, not a lot to be proud of there. Today, the League of Conservation Voters added Tim to the "Dirty Dozen", citing two "dismal" years in Congress. Michigan native and LCV Representative Kerry Duggan explains:

"Tim Walberg has distinguished himself as one of the most anti-environment members of the 2006 Congressional class," said Duggan. "He has consistently voted against clean, renewable energy and is an adamant supporter of the failed Bush/Cheney energy policies that serve only to increase profits for ExxonMobil and the other big oil companies. The citizens of Michigan's 7th District need a leader who represents them and not the interests of Big Oil."

Rep. Walberg opposed every major clean energy reform in Congress last year. He voted against repealing subsidies to Big Oil, against increasing the use of renewable electricity and against efforts to help American drivers go further on a gallon of gas. Walberg has opposed extending tax incentives to clean energy which would lead to thousands of new jobs in Michigan.

"With record gas prices and a faltering economy, Tim Walberg still doesn't get it," said Duggan, "Congress needs members with the common sense to understand that clean energy will create jobs, end our addiction to foreign oil, and ensure our national security."

So, people of the 7th, which guy do you want as your representative in Congress? Today's news should spell out the answer in no uncertain terms.

UPDATE: Here's a YouTube from the press conference-