Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tim Walberg Channels the Spirit of Dick DeVos

From the Where Have I Heard This Before Department comes this little tidbit from last night's debate between Tim Walberg and Mark Schauer.

Here's Tim -

"The best way to deal with unemployment is a job, the best way to deal with health care is a job, and the best way to deal with all sorts of things that people want is to get them a job."

And here's Dick -

"And that objective is to ensure that each citizen has access to health care. But I do know this: the best way to get access to health care is to have a job."

And, just like Dick, Tim's answer for more jobs is "cut taxes".

He said he would put an emphasis on reducing taxes and would level the playing field for businesses, noting legislation he introduced that would put a trade prosecutor in place to snuff out unfair trade practices.

Interesting side note - Walberg calls for more regulation and government spending when he suggests a "trade prosecutor". Got someone lined up to do that for free, Tim?

Gotta love these politicians that simultaneously call for increasing spending with reduced revenue. It's straight out of the DeVos playbook. You can almost see the ghost of Dick standing behind Tim, tenting his fingers and proclaiming "excellent" in a low, sinister voice.

Happy Halloween from the Bush Republicans.