Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tim Walberg Goes Nuclear!

This one is so funny the Schauer campaign posted it on their YouTube channel. Everyone in the coffee shop turned to look at me I laughed so loud.

You know things are desperate when you have to play... the Michael Moore card.

Yes, that troublemaker Mark Schauer is far more dangerous than Michael Moore. Damn, the secret is out. And here we were going to conquer the world.

Oh, and by the way, Tim's lying. Again. Schauer doesn't want to give illegals licenses and has voted against it. Can't vouch for Moore - and I’m really not sure about Walberg, because everything that comes out of that man's campaign has been false. But he sure is good for a laugh.

Thanks Tim!

UPDATE: Senator Schauer talks to Jack Lessenberry in today's Essays and Interviews. Jobs and the economy are on his mind, give it a listen. Tim Walberg declined to be interviewed for the program. Guess he didn't have anything to say to the public...