Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dick DeVos Not Running For Governor in 2010

Bombshell. Glad I didn't place any bets.

Here is Dick talking to RightMichigan. Listening to him trash Michigan again, showing that he still "doesn't get it", I really wanted him to run. He still is as vapid and shallow as the day is long, and he obviously hasn't learned any media skills yet. My guess is that he saw the writing on the Bush Republican wall, and that writing says that there is no way this state would elect him espousing the policies that he does. Or he got word that Hoekstra was going to run and he knew that he would get his ass kicked, one of the two.

Here is Dick in an e-mail -

After considerable thought, prayer and consultation with Betsy and our family, I have concluded that my ability to impact the future of Michigan will be more significant at this time from outside government, instead of inside. So to allow me to do what I have always done best, that is to create jobs and opportunity in the private sector, I will not be a candidate for Governor in 2010.

This has been an especially difficult decision since so many of you have been encouraging of me, both during my prior campaign, but also since the 2006 election. Your encouragement and friendship have been tremendous gifts to me.

Just how many jobs has the "jobs maker" produced in the past two years? Anyone?

Bye Dick. Thanks for playin'.