Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Wants to Take Away Your Car!

Got a new rumor to spread to the paranoid wingnut crowd. Someone get to work on getting a copy of McCain's e-mail list, and let's see if we can duplicate the success of this-

The scene Saturday was a retailer's dream: Wall-to-wall customers, skyrocketing sales. But the approaching holiday season didn't spark this rush. Barack Obama did.

His election triggered concerns by gun enthusiasts that his administration would push restrictions on firearms. Gun stores across the country noted increased business.

Here is a sample of what might rile the masses:

"Barack Obama will be the most anti-car president in American HISTORY! It is a well-known FACT that Barack Obama and his liberal allies in Congress will take away OUR RIGHT to purchase and drive automobiles! Therefore, it is more important than ever that EVERY American with a drivers license who values our liberties takes IMMEDIATE action to go out and purchase a new car for ALL the members of your family! The threat is REAL, and the consequences of this election will be felt for years to come!!!"

Could work. Worth a shot anyway.