Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prusi to Take Over Democratic Leadership in the MI Senate

Details of the dogfight to come out later, I'm sure. Still trying to get used to the fact that Schauer won't be there to kick Mike Bishop in the shins anymore (pass the tissues, please), but Prusi strikes me as a good guy, and I look forward to seeing what he can do.

From the inbox-

LANSING—Senator Mike Prusi (D Ishpeming) was selected today by his Democratic colleagues to take over as Senate Democratic Leader when current leader Mark Schauer (D Battle Creek) heads to Congress in January. Prusi was honored by the support and confidence of his caucus members and expressed his determination to get things done for Michigan families struggling in this difficult economy.

"The challenges before us are great, but by staying focused on what's best for the people who sent us here we can turn Michigan's economy around," said Prusi. "We must be united in making changes that will help our children and grandchildren find jobs and raise their families' right here in this great state."

Prusi has served in several leadership positions within the caucus, including as the lead Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee and previously as the lead Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Senator also serves on the Energy Policy, Judiciary and Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs committees. Before being elected to the Senate, he served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives. Prior to his legislative career, Mike worked for over twenty years as an iron ore miner for the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company at various Marquette County mining operations, including five years as an underground miner.

Good luck, Senator Prusi! Let's hear it for the Yoopers!