Monday, November 03, 2008

Walberg Sending False Robo-calls Out Today

This just landed in my in-box, just passing along the info:

Delta Twp.—Delta Township Democrats called on Congressman Tim Walberg and his supporters to immediately stop robo-calls that have gone out to voters that imply local Democratic Eaton County officials support Walberg. Several voters complained about receiving the calls on their home answering machines today.

"These are exactly the kinds of dirty tricks voters are tired of and will reject at the polls tomorrow," said Sherry Freeman, Delta Township Trustee whose name was used in a Walberg robo-call without her permission. "Congressman Walberg is resorting to these underhanded tactics because he and Bush have failed to accomplish anything that would help our economy. He should be ashamed of this last minute attempt to mislead voters."

Congressman Walberg refused to accept Mark Schauer's challenge earlier this year to stop using robo-calls altogether.

Tim Walberg? Misleading voters? I see the face of an older gentleman in one of the commercials, and it always cracked me up because the delivery was soooo perfect...

"Seems like Congressman Walberg only cares about himself."

Yup. Fake robo-calls is just the icing on the whole lying Walberg cake. Vote accordingly.