Thursday, December 04, 2008

Auto Hearings Underway

The future of your state, being debated on the Hill as I type. Watch the live stream from C-SPAN if you have the stomach.

Impressions so far:

Dodd : Can't we use the TARP program? No, seriously, can't the Treasury do this? They can, can't they? They just don't want to. Yeah. That's the ticket. This needs to be kicked back to the White House, because Congress doesn't want to be unpopular.

Shelby : My mind is already made up and I have no intention of being reasonable. (this causes me to yell naughty words at my television. I've been told this is a family blog so I won't repeat them here)

Bennett : I have more substance in my questions than Shelby. Just ignore him.

Johnson : So good to see him again, even if he is mondo conservative.

Reed : Asking technical questions about regulation. Here is where watching Congress gets boring.

Dodaro (GAO) : I can't believe you guys don't get this yet.

Crapo : Asking when people will get off their duff and start buying cars again. Someone needs to direct that question at Paulson and ask when the banks will start lending the billions they have received so far.

Schumer : Argues against bankruptcy, points out job loss will hurt already ailing economy. Looking for accountability for money, which makes me wonder why they haven't jumped on accountability for the banking industry yet.

The Detroit News is rocking this hearing on their live blog - but they have eight people doing it, so there is no way I can keep up with that. They aren't as funny as me, but they certainly are more mature.

The Freep is attempting a live blog as well, but they are a little slower at updates so far.

Governor Granholm had a great interview with NPR yesterday as to what this all means to Michigan and to the country. Give it a listen - can't really add much more than that. She knocks down all the questions with ease.

I'm still having a hard time believing that this Congress would seriously consider saddling the incoming Obama administration with the loss of 2-3 million jobs. It seems beyond belief - and that is why I believe that, in the end, these guys are going to get the money, and I need to hold back my fire on Reid and Pelosi. For now. No promises about the future.