Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brooks Patterson Backs "Raising Fees" for Transportation Funding

You know darn well that if Governor Granholm or the House Democrats had suggested that we procure "funding from the citizens" so we could enhance our quality of life in this state, the voices on the right would suddenly develop a case of the vapors, run around proclaiming that everyone would be forced to leave the state before the government takes all their money, and would subject us to so much wailing and gnashing of the teeth that we would all have to buy earplugs to drown out the hysteria lest we go mad from all the pseudo-suffering.

But when Brooks Patterson does it, it's called an "investment". See how that works?

In a statement, Patterson cited legislation expected to be drafted and based on a Transportation Funding Task Force study and a Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association proposal. Under the plan, registration fees would rise and a percentage tax on the wholesale price of fuel would replace the per gallon tax for gas and diesel.

According to the proposal, investment in the state's transportation infrastructure would cost drivers an average of $12 per month in additional user fees but would save them about $1,000 annually --$250 in improved safety; $300 in vehicle maintenance costs; $450 in personal income.

Not only that, but it would create "$3 billion annual investment in Michigan's transportation infrastructure, 126,000 jobs, and yield $15 billion to $18 billion in other economic benefits". All for $12 a month. Pay a little, get a lot. Where have I heard that philosophy before...

Brooks is correct. We need to do this. But if he doesn't get endless blog posts or tweets about how he wants to "raise taxes", a visit from the giant Pink Pig, or the refusal of Mike Bishop to do any work, well, certain members of a certain party are once again breaking the Hypocrisy Meter in this state, and we certainly can't afford to go buy a new one.

I'll be waiting for the howls of outrage...