Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dillon Calls Out Bishop's Obstruction

Awww-right Andy! You made my day!

Speaker Andy Dillon had this to say about Bishop taking an "early vacation"-

Senate Leader Mike Bishop is taking a myopic and dangerous view of the work that needs to be done to move Michigan forward. Under the terms laid out by Senator Bishop, the Senate will be at a stand-still for the next two weeks while waiting to act on the Governor's executive order budget cuts. His stated intention to vote only on those executive orders will cripple progress in Michigan, a dangerous pattern that he has set over the past two years.

The Senate has repeatedly stonewalled on efforts to build a stronger Michigan. He has refused to act on plans passed by the House that will help end the foreclosure crisis, decrease auto insurance rates and require companies to hire Michigan workers when they get tax incentives from the state. Additionally, he has refused to act on cost-cutting measures such as ending free lifetime health care benefits for lawmakers and cutting legislator pay.

House Democrats are committed to staying in Lansing to enact real reforms that will fix Michigan's budget for the long term and stave off the looming $400 million deficit. In addition, we are fighting for the people of Michigan to resolve the many challenges we are facing as a state.

House Democrats are focused on putting a stop to the foreclosure crisis that is devastating our communities. We are committed to working out a plan for Cobo Hall to ensure the auto show stays in Detroit; developing a light-rail system for Detroit that will increase investment and spur economic growth; and enacting Corrections reforms that will significantly reduce the cost burden on our taxpayers. House Democrats are fighting every day to get our economy back on track and create more good-paying jobs for our workers.

Michigan has many obstacles to overcome right now. Our Legislature doesn't have the luxury of focusing on one issue at a time.

Hey House Dems. Sure would love to see a list of all the legislation that is currently being held up in the Senate. Know what? I bet the press would like to see it too.

Why don't you provide that to them, so they can show the people of Michigan all the things that Senator Bishop refuses to take care of.

Good job Speaker Dillon. Let's make some noise about this.