Monday, December 08, 2008

Entire State of Michigan Considers Sit-In

DETROIT (AP) - Pointing to the massive outpouring of support for Chicago workers who are staging a sit-in in at the factory that has so far refused to make good on their promises to their employees, the entire state of Michigan is making tentative plans to conduct their own sit-in to demand that leadership in Congress stop bad-mouthing the state's main industry and deliver on their election promises to help American workers.

"We delivered in a big way for Democrats in November on the promise that they would bring change and stand up for people. Now, they put us at risk of losing over 200,000 jobs in Michigan because they are afraid of Richard Shelby", said one organizer, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear that his wife would find out what he was up to.

Another Michigan citizen called for the leadership in Congress to step down, given the fact that the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have not been able to counter the most unpopular president this country has ever had. Even after the voters delivered sweeping victories in 2006 and 2008, Democratic leadership has been unwilling to thwart the destructive policies of the Bush administration or stand up to obstructionist Republicans in the United States Senate.

"I think Reid and Pelosi have to move on. If you're really going to restructure this, you've got to bring in a new team to do this. This is leadership to nowhere. This is a down payment on many capitulations to come. ... these leaders have basically failed, or are failing."

Another pointed to the actions taken by governments in nearly every other country across the globe to help their auto manufacturers and workers.

"They help their industries and people without the fuss we go through. No wonder they kick our butt when it comes to quality of life".

One Michigan citizen took a cue from the state's Legislature, where Senate Republicans have declared that they just want to make cuts to the budget and "get out of town" for the year.

"Mike Bishop said that he wouldn't work until his issues were addressed. Why should we?"

Organizers of the sit-in are waiting for the final word from Congress before moving ahead with their plans. Another idea under discussion is to take the sit-in to Alabama. With the Michigan weather taking an unseasonably cold turn in early December, some have suggested that the whole state move to Mobile and enjoy the winter on the Gulf of Mexico.

"We could go down there, immediately file for unemployment, and then head for the beach. They receive more than their share of federal funding, and the state taxpayers have been willing to subsidize foreign automakers, who are also planning shutdowns and layoffs. After all their bragging about how well they are doing, we come to find out that Alabama is looking to raise unemployment taxes on businesses in 2010, and we better be there to take advantage of that."

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was on his way to the state this morning to deliver food and encourage the statewide sit-in.

"These workers deserve their wages, deserve fair notice, deserve health security," Jackson said. "This may be the beginning of long struggle of Michigan resistance finally."

Government officials in Lansing had no comment on the planned action this morning, although one mentioned off the record that if the entire state moved, it would "make budget cuts a lot easier to do".