Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marsden, Republicans Continue to be Disingenuous About State Budget Problem

OK, that's enough. We need to highlight this statement and nip this Republican talking point right in the bud. Here's Matt "Keep Serving It Up" Marsden, on Michigan's budget.

"For us to accept the stimulus package and not address the problems that have gotten us to this place — a $1.6 billion deficit — is irresponsible," said Matt Marsden, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.

We DID address the problems that got us to "this place" - it was called the "Election of 2008", when we threw your deregulating, tax-cutting, fiscally irresponsible butts out of power in a major landslide across the country. This "place" we find ourselves in is courtesy of the Bush Republican Recession that officially started right about the time we resolved our last budget problem in December of 2007. Don't seem to remember any budget fight in 2008, do you? That's because we had paid our bills, and then thanks to national Republican policy, the bottom fell out everywhere.

Perhaps the MI Republicans need to be reminded of what is happening in 49 OUT OF 50 STATES- go read it, we will wait for you to educate yourselves - and then come back and try to say with a straight face to the public that this is just a "Michigan issue".

Big brownie points will be awarded to the first Michigan media member who calls them out on this repeated attempt to mislabel our situation.