Saturday, February 07, 2009

Michigan International Auto Show 2009 Slideshow

These pictures come from the media preview of the Michigan International Auto Show here in Grand Rapids that was held last Wednesday, the day before the show opened. Big thanks go out to Andy at Absolute Michigan for getting me the pass!

I'm not a big car buff. My main criteria for cars: Is it cute? Is it sporty? I fell in love with the Solstice GPX Turbo Coupe, for example. And I really, really want a Saturn Sky. Bad. Before the stop making them. So if you are wondering about the lack of trucks/tanks in this set, it's simply because I don't much like them.

I went on a quest to find domestic hybrids/electrics - unfortunately, no Volt, no Converj. But, I was pleasantly surprised on the hybrid focus from our domestic automakers, and many of the cars in this set are hybrids. Check the Flickr set for make/model if you are curious.

Big kudos go out to Ford. They were they only maker that had their cars shined up and ready to go. While others were still doing detail work; hoods up, salt on the cars, no literature or rep available, Ford was all set up - and their rep was amazing. When I explained what I was looking for, she walked me through the Ford/Mercury lineup, gave me a bunch of lit, and showed me the new features. Cap-less gas tank, seats made from soy, new fuel-efficient injection system. Ford is emphasizing "green" - and had the 2010 Fusion on hand, the car that will get 41 mpg. It's white. Look for it.

As a result, Ford gets big representation here, simply because they were ready to shoot. And, they have some nice looking cars. But what was most impressive was that they are workin' it, showing up and showing they care. If Saturn (my true love) goes bye-bye, I definitely will be checking out Ford. It's not like I'll be buying a new car anytime soon, but as a former Pinto owner, well, let's just say it took quite a bit of time to get me back to appreciating Ford again.

The Dodge Zeo electric car is at the end of the set - and man, is that sharp. Pre-production Camaro 2010 is in here as well.

Help out the home team. Buy American. We make some good stuff. The show runs through Sunday, check it out if your in the neighborhood.