Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mike Bishop Wants to be Your Next Attorney General!

We're just having a Mike Bishop kinda day here. It's officially official - Mike Bishop has filed the paperwork to form an exploratory committee to run for AG. Something tells me that he would make Cox look like a decent and reasonable fellow. Call it a hunch.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop is exploring a run for Michigan attorney general in 2010.

The Rochester Republican made the announcement Wednesday. He's the second attorney general candidate to form a campaign committee allowing him to raise and spend money.

State Sen. Bruce Patterson of Canton announced his bid last month.

So we have Bishop vs. Patterson for AG, and Brown vs. McManus for SOS. THAT will make for some interesting times in the Senate this year, don't you think?

Seems we might have to get in line to put in our two cents on Senator Bishop's aspirations though. There are people who beat us to the punch already. Bruce Patterson, for example. When asked about some of their now infamous spats, Patterson replied, "Mike Bishop couldn't get elected dogcatcher in Northville", because of the annexation issue. And on the subject of honesty, here is my personal favorite:

"I'm not suggesting Mike Bishop isn't credible or articulate, but the honest part, I'm not so sure of," Patterson added.

Bill Schuette will be running as well, and has already brought up the tax vote as a weapon. Damn, it sucks when your own team uses stuff like this against you, especially when they all voted to spend the money afterward. At least Bishop wasn't visited by the Pink Pig as the Democrats were.

Now mind you, the income tax has nothing to do with being Attorney General, but in an ultra conservative GOP state convention, delegates may not cotton to a guy who opened the door for that to happen.

At least that's what the Schuette folks are hoping which is why they played that card even before Bishop gets his tanned bod into the pool.

His "tanned bod into the pool"? Um, something you want to tell us, Tim?

Nevermind. We need to take our number and wait our turn. Mike Bishop might get to take a vacation next week, but we never rest.