Friday, February 27, 2009

Remembering Rick Beckett

I never liked the morning show on KLQ. Matter of fact, I detested it. Darla's laugh annoyed the hell out of me, and I considered Rick a "nasty drunk". The kids back in the TV section at Best Buy used to crank their show in the morning, and we in the music department would put on a CD to drown it out...

Fast forward 5 or so years. Rick & Scott came to GRD's morning show. I was working at Art Express at the time. I don't remember what LAV was doing for the mornings; all I remember was I didn't like it. So, I stuck with GRD. By then, Rick had mellowed a bit. (but just a bit) He had quit drinking, had gone through his bout with diabetes, seemed to be an OK guy. I liked his insights, his honesty, he made me laugh, and Scott Winters was a great balance for him. I grew to like the guy, begrudgingly. He would understand, I bet. Stephanie Webb joined the show, and the three were pretty entertaining. I listened everyday.

One day, they were talking with a guest about... something, can't remember what... and I was working away, half listening, doing my job. Just a normal morning. Scott interrupted briefly and said (paraphrasing), "a small plane has flown into the World Trade Center". They had a TV in the studio. "We'll let you know more as the story unfolds". And they went back to whoever they were talking to. Didn't think much of it. I kept working, and so did they.

A bit later, Scott came on again and said, excited voice, "Now another plane has flown into the other tower of the World Trade Center!" And it was Rick Beckett who provided me with a flashbulb memory that will be forever etched in my brain. He simply said,


And in that moment it all became clear.

We didn't have a TV at work, and I was stuck listening to the radio. They dropped whatever it was they were talking about and went with this story, of course. It was Rick & Scott who kept me appraised of what was unfolding in NY, and across the country. They stayed on for hours, and eventually the station went to a straight NBC news feed with Brokaw.

A "Where Were You" bond was formed that day for me, and I will always remember Rick in that instant. As time went on, Rick & Scott left GRD for WOOD, I left Art Express and didn't listen to the radio much. I only caught them once on WOOD. Was glad they were still keepin' on, keeping on...

Thank you Rick, for the memories. My thoughts go out to Scott this morning, and all those that worked with Rick over the years, peace be with you.