Friday, February 13, 2009

Republicans "Just Say No" to the American Recovery

Wait, didn't I use this title before?

$7B coming to Michigan. Jobs and money. All our Republican Congresscritters voted against that.

Man, the ads just write themselves, don't they?

The bill was passed 246-183 with no Republican help. It now goes to the Senate where a vote was possible late Friday to meet a deadline of passing the plan before a recess begins next week.

All but seven Democrats voted for the bill — a 1,071 page, 8-inch-thick measure that combines $281 billion in tax cuts for individuals and businesses with more than a half-trillion dollars in government spending. The money would go for infrastructure, health care and help for cash-starved state governments, among scores of programs. Seniors would get a $250 bonus Social Security check.

Obama claims the plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs, but Republicans said it won't work because it has too little in tax cuts and spreads too much money around to everyday projects like computer upgrades for federal agencies.

And yet all their districts will benefit from the Democrats stepping up to help the American people. Wish there were a way...