Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six O'Clock News - Look Who's Running Now Edition

Political tidbits today.

  • Senator Cameron Brown (R - Granholm Obstruction Party) has made a habit of slamming the governor on his blog, and that should have been the tip-off that the guy was running for something down the line. It finally came out the other day, and, you gotta love the tension that this will probably create: he will challenge fellow Senate Republican Michelle "It's All About Me" McManus for Secretary of State. Will provisions be made so Senator Brown can concentrate on his race, too?

  • We will have an answer from Smilin' Terri Lynn Land soon on whether or not she will jump into the fray for governor. Rumor has it that she will "form a committee to explore a run" and make an announcement (on Twitter?) sometime before the Gooper convention in Lansing on Feb. 20th.

  • Former Rep. Joe Hune will run for Valde Garcia's term-limited seat in 2010. Joe has memorized the standard wingnut platform, "living within our means" and "fiscal discipline" (meaning, "more tax cuts for the rich and to hell with the poor"), and he's also pro-gun and anti-choice. He'll fit right in.

  • Lt. Gov. John Cherry picks up the endorsement from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) today in Grand Rapids. The union was the first to endorse Granholm back in 2002.

  • The NRCC is already running radio ads targeting Mark Schauer for his stimulus vote. Gallup shows that support for the stimulus took a 7 pt leap upward this week, so that was money well spent. For Democrats. Visit Congressman Schauer's new YouTube page.

  • Pay cuts for elected Michigan officials are now in the hands of Mike Cox. The State Officers Compensation Commission panel needs to know from the AG's office if they can legally cut the pay of judges - seems our pesky Constitution is in the way once again. Mike is busy being paid by the taxpayers to run for governor, traveling to the UP this week where he is still pushing the now thoroughly debunked $700 million "surplus rebate" idea, so you have to wonder if his opinion on pay should hold all that much weight.

  • Hey Dow! Lovin' the alternative energy focus and all, but please clean up your dioxin mess in our water.

    Dow has acknowledged polluting the Tittabawassee and Saginaw rivers, their floodplains, portions of the city of Midland and Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay with dioxins for much of the 20th century, first by dumping liquid wastes and later by incinerating them.

    It's been well over 20 years of foot-dragging on this. Perhaps the feds will step in now that we have competent leadership out there again

    That's all for now...