Friday, February 20, 2009

Six O'Clock News - Michigan Loves Obama Edition

  • 7 out of 10 Michigan voters approve of the job President Obama has done so far, and 47% strongly approve, according to Rasmussen. More good news for John McCain! Also should be wonderful news for all those Congressional Republicans who opposed the stimulus plan. Matter of fact, a poll done for DK shows that the GOP on the Hill is riding a whopping 18 on their favorables. This is probably why I got a nice e-mail from Vern telling me how much he likes science, and why I'm seeing ads on the TeeVee that tell me Fred Upton is a swell guy for voting for SCHIP. This is called "damage control", but I don't think it's working...

  • Also from Rasmussen, a majority of Michigan voters favor aid to the auto companies. 52% said they support, 36% opposed, 12% were unsure. Nationwide polls aren't so kind, with almost two thirds opposed. Perhaps another depression will change their minds. Senator Shelby is voicing his displeasure once again; perhaps Alabama should give up its stimulus to show us how it's done.

  • Governor Granholm walks into the Colosseum on FOX News Sunday to have a chat with Chris Wallace. The Governor and Ed Rendell will attempt to figure out how their Republican friends across the aisle, Mark Sanford and Tim Pawlenty, can be so hypocritical and still keep a straight face. Perhaps this will be an opportunity to get more stimulus money for Michigan by forcing Sanford to live up to his original stance, yes? Extra $$ to the governor that can do so.

  • Speaking of stimulus (cause we will be talking about this all year), the Governor continued her travels around the state today, and this Grand Rapids resident couldn't be more thrilled that this will enable us to add a third lane to 196 through downtown. This is so badly needed it's not even funny. Work was already scheduled to refurbish in 2010, and this saves the city from shutting it down again in the future by doing this all at once. Great news for GR. Now, I'd like to see a third lane on 96 to Lansing...

  • Meijer gets in on the Swift Wind Turbine craze with plans to add them to their corporate office and two lakeshore stores. Demand is rising for the Cascade Engineering product, with 60 installations scheduled over the next several months. With the tax credits offered by the stimulus package, look for demand to keep growing.

  • Just how radical was the Cliff Taylor Court? A Cooley law professor crunched the numbers:

    The results are astonishing: from 2000 to 2008, the Michigan Supreme Court overruled a combined 758 years of precedent in 24 criminal decisions and 697 years in 33 civil decisions. By contrast, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 46-year period (1946–1992) covering a volatile period in U.S. law (remember the Warren Court?), overruled its own precedent in roughly 130 cases. Averaged out, the Michigan Supreme Court overruled over seven cases per year while the U.S. Supreme Court overruled less than three cases per year.

    "Activist" judges indeed.

  • Jack Lessenberry discovers that cable news anchors are idiots. The real question is: When will the Detroit News discover Frank Beckmann is an idiot? Oops, too late, the socialists have already taken over.

  • The election is set for Mark Schauer's old seat in the Senate: Aug 4th for the primary, Nov 3rd for the general. Let the campaigning begin. Whoever wins has to bug the crap out of Mike Bishop. Precedent has been set.

  • Reminder: You can find out why Democrats are the way they are at MDP Convention, tomorrow at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Caucuses during the morning, speeches from all your Michigan favorites in the afternoon, many folks with be twittering the event. Follow all the action at

    Have a great weekend!