Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trickle Down You Can Believe In

Can't decide whether I'm amused or annoyed by all the Congressional Republicans who are suddenly so concerned about the federal deficit. Here we are, trying to fix the country they neglected to the point of dilapidation, trying to help the American people get through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and suddenly they discover that money is an issue? Seriously?

Let's get this down to basics. We are going to borrow money at the federal level. There is no getting around that fact. Budget, stimulus, doesn't matter, whatever it is, it's going on the tab for now. Indiscriminately throwing money at everything is not the answer to our problems, of course, but targeted money is necessary to combat the death spiral that we are in. Agreed? Yes, say both parties.

So for an example, we will use the stimulus spending as an indicator of party priorities. The Republicans were more than happy to spend $3.1 trillion dollars for more tax cuts to the wealthy, an idea that would have cost three times as much as Obama's plan, and wait for that money to "trickle down". Even though they are now complaining about all this "spending", they would have "spent" trillions on tax cuts - don't forget that.

Recent history presents the reality behind Republican "spending". According to the Congressional Budget Office, through the year 2007, 48% of the Bush deficit went for tax cuts, 35% went for defense and military spending, 10% went to entitlement programs, and a whopping 7% went for domestic spending. So, where are all those jobs? Why didn't any of that trickle down? Anyone what to ask them why they think "more of the same" would make a difference? Anyone got an aspirin to combat the headaches that come from banging your head on the wall when you really stop and think about all the "crazy" they espouse?

Never mind, Democrats have a better idea. Instead, let's target that spending directly to the people, start to fix what is broken, create jobs in infrastructure and other areas where there is need and growth, create demand for raw materials and local spending, and help people who are struggling stay in their homes.

And that's exactly what we are doing, starting NOW. The best part? Listen for the words "trickle down" in this video.

8,000 jobs predicted for Jackson. And those jobs will start coming within the next month. Congressman Schauer will work to make sure that state leaders get these jobs to Michigan companies and workers. Also for Jackson, funding will immediately go towards housing projects, which will keep people in their homes, make much needed repairs to existing structures (creating jobs and material demand while improving the community property values), and helping families with basic needs such as food and utilies. Grand Rapids has a similiar story this morning as well, about creating jobs and fixing housing. Watch for stories like these to come to a community near you.

And we don't have to wait for Devos to bring the money back from Bermuda to do this. Like a man in the Grand Rapids story said, "Thank you Mr. President, thanks very much."

We now have "trickle down you can believe in" - and not a moment too soon.