Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whitmer Questions Why Senate is Taking Next Week Off

Senator Gretchen Whitmer asks why the need for yet another vacation for the Senate. Seems she has asked around, and someone said, "we don't really have much to do".

Budget? Create jobs? Hello?

The House is working next week. According to the Journals, the Senate has spent a total of 12 days in session this year. Just a reminder, today is February 18th.

And now they are taking another week off. For no apparent reason other than they just don't want to be there.

This is the resolution that has Whitmer on a tear. Senate Republicans didn't want to pay state employees for President's Day because of our "dire" situation.

SR 13 - A resolution to urge the Governor to work with the Civil Service Commission to require that state employees either work on President's Day or take the day off as an unpaid holiday to reflect the state's dire financial challenges.

But they are taking another week off. Bet it's paid, too.

Just another example of Mike Bishop's work ethic. We have plenty of those we can talk about, and we are going to get our chance pretty darn quick.