Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hoekstra to Announce Run for Governor on Monday

Call this the pre-announcement announcement.

The Holland Republican, who has said he won't run for a 10th term in the 2nd Congressional District, said this morning on Detroit talk radio that he'll spend the day Monday making his announcement and it's reasonable to assume he will be in.

Twitter Pete was kind enough to lay out his strategy as well, and it looks vaguely... DeVosian... Saulian... well, I'll come up with a term eventually. Whatever it is, even the campaign strategy of the Republicans is "more of the same": Let's not offer up any new ideas, let's run against Jennifer Granholm.

Commenting on the candidacy of Democratic Lt. Gov. John Cherry, who has already said he's running, Hoekstra said: "I hope John Cherry and the Democrats run on Gov. Granholm's record ... if nothing changes, nothing changes."

He said neither party can be blamed for the woes of the auto industry, but he said the state's chief executive should have seen the domestic auto decline coming and done more to diversify the state's economic base and to make Michigan a better place to do business.

OK then. We also have Pete's record of supporting Bush, so, if we want to play the game of "who supported who" and running on someone else's record, I'll take Granholm over Bush any day. The governor's approval ratings might not be the greatest, but they are far better than Bush's were and the GOP Congress' are, both of which will still be in mind because we will be sure to bring them up. Especially when Hoekstra pushes Republican policy: more tax cuts, "less government" (for the wealthy and business alone, more government for you on social issues), and every other worn-out and discredited platform plank that you can think of. And the nod to "business" over "citizens" in his statement tells you that is exactly where he is going. "If nothing changes, nothing changes" is exactly right where Hoekstra and other Republicans are concerned, and they obviously have no intention of changing anytime soon. They are still playing to the extreme wingnut base alone.

The only way Democrats blow 2010 is if they sit back and ignore the attacks on the governor and the party. If they fail to stand up and point out how Republicans in the Legislature have thwarted Democratic attempts to "diversify the economy" and move this state forward, we could be in for some trouble. You can't count on the Republicans to implode forever - and that appears to be the Democrats only strategy at this point.

Let's hope that changes. Please. Prove me wrong. The only one with any fire in her eyes right now seems to be Gretchen Whitmer, and she can't do it all alone.