Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mike Bishop, Republicans Want Say in Stimulus Money

Excuse me, but...

Mike Bishop has already informed us that the stimulus disgusts him.

Bishop said the federal stimulus plan "makes me sick" because of the debt it creates. He said it could hurt Michigan and other deficit-ridden states if they use the money to postpone necessary spending cuts.

He vowed to fight the governor on it. He wouldn't come right out and say that he would go to court... but that was the implication he huffed and puffed to the MIRS team.

"It is the Legislature that has the responsibility to step up and resolve where the money is going to go," Bishop said. "If she wants to kick the constitution aside, that's up to her to try to do."

He vowed to fight Andy Dillon too. Are we feeling that bipartisan spirit of cooperation yet?

Bishop also disagrees with House Speaker Andy DILLON (D-Redford Twp.), who in a public forum the other day explained that none of the federal job creating money could be stuffed into the state's Rainy Day Fund, which is exactly what Bishop wants to do with some of it.

Mike has all kinds of non-job-stimulating ideas. He wanted to send a "rebate" to people. How did that work out for Bush? And, of course the grand master plan, the only answer that the Republicans have - "more tax cuts".

Bishop said he would like to find a way to use stimulus money to provide MBT or other tax relief.

Today Mike Bishop, being the magnanimous guy that he is, has come down from upon high and declared he wants to help us spend the money! Why, he will even include some Democrats on the team!

The top Republican in the Michigan Legislature wants to set up a special appropriations committee to help determine how the state spends its share of federal stimulus money.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop of Rochester called for the committee Thursday. Bishop says he wants it to be bipartisan and include members of the Democrat-led state House.

That's so nice of him, isn't it? I mean, who wouldn't want the input of the party that didn't want the stimulus in the first place, wouldn't lift a finger to support it, have used it against Democrats in advertising already, and now want to turn around and give it to their rich friends while they make horrific cuts to education and health care, or simply sock it away for later? We must be crazy not to consider his ideas, right?

Andy Dillon says he "needs more information" before he agrees to a committee. Good answer.

Now, back slowly away from the people that want to see us fail. We've got real work to do.