Thursday, April 09, 2009

Six O'Clock News - Midwest League Opening Day Edition

Have you hugged your local minor league baseball team yet? Midwest League play starts today. Affordable fun for everyone, and the weather is going to be nice this weekend. Get on out there, I'm on my way... go Whitecaps!

  • As DJ mentioned yesterday, Brooks Patterson is out of the governor's race for 2010. He can't "justify leaving my position as Oakland County executive unattended for the next year and a half while I engage in a statewide campaign for governor". Gee, why not Brooks? Hoekstra will ignore his congressional seat that he just won a few scant months ago, and if he can skip out of work, you can too.

  • Would you spend an extra nickel on a bottle of beer if it would help abused and neglected children? The Senate Republicans won't, cold-hearted cheap bastards that they are. Pull the string on Chatty Matty Marsden and hear him spew the usual excuse.

    "We need to make budget cuts, not raise taxes and a nickel beer tax won't clear the billion-dollar deficit we're facing," Marsden said.

    Say, where are those cuts that YOU insist on making? We need to know who else you intend to hurt because you're too greedy to help anyone but the wealthy. Last time the beer tax was raised? 1966. The year before Mike Bishop was born. Current tax on a bottle of beer? 2 cents.

  • "Ashtray Andy and Marlboro Mike". Hahaha! And you guys though I was mean.

  • The Cobo deal is dead, as a judge rules in favor of the City Council. Best of luck to Detroit getting the funding to fix it, because now you are on your own.

  • Lt. Gov. Cherry is making the rounds today to announce that $47.3 million in streetscape improvement and trail projects will start this summer thanks to the stimulus, and that is expected to create around 1300 jobs, as well as make everything all purdy. For a complete list of the projects, check here.

  • More Recovery news; the Obama administration has announced that they will accelerate the purchase of 17,600 new American vehicles for government fleet. Wowza. From the official release:

    "I am 100 percent committed to a strong American auto industry, and we will stand with America’s auto workers and their families during these difficult times. As a part of our commitment to the American auto industry, I charged my administration with using Recovery Act funds to purchase a new fleet of fuel efficient government vehicles to increase demand for our American auto companies and stimulate the economy. I am pleased to announce today that my team has moved swiftly to accelerate this purchase and give our American auto industry and our economy a boost. This is only a first step, but I will continue to ensure that we are working to support the American auto industry during this difficult period of restructuring."

    Good deal. Ed Montgomery is in Ohio today to soothe the fears down there. Hey, maybe these guys are serious after all.

    That's all for now - have a good holiday weekend everyone!