Monday, April 06, 2009

Six O'Clock News - One Shining Moment Edition

How sweet it is! Whatever happens tonight, this tournament has been one wild ride. Thank you Spartans, for bringing us this great time, and showing us how hard work and determination do pay off. You are already "champions" in our eyes.

  • Mitch Albom has the best take on this game and what it means to this state; we don't need your pity, but we do need your attention.

    It will not save us, this game, we know that. But for a brief moment, we have the nation’s attention. Whatever stories get written, let them talk about pounding away, doing things right, asking only a workman’s due, but asking nothing less. Let them talk about family and perseverance and what it can accomplish. Let them talk about traditions worth celebrating and preserving.

    That way, no matter what the final score, they’ll be talking about the basketball team AND the state it occupies. The Spartans want to make a memory out of what you’re witnessing here. The rest of us don’t want you to forget.

    So far the reviews on the Detroit experience have been very good. As with the Super Bowl and the World Series, out of town visitors have been left with a very positive impression of the people and of the entire area. Good job Detroit!

  • The Freep's Rochelle Riley expresses her thanks to the Spartans as well, enjoying some of the finer details outside the victory on the court.

  • Even the ever-grumpy editorial staff at the Detroit News is getting in on the fun. The Freep has gone to a MSU background on their home page.

  • The three names instrumental to bringing the Final Four to Detroit? Rick Wagoner, Kwame Kilpatrick, and former athletic director of the University of Detroit Mercy, Brad Kinsman. Just shows the effort you make today may pay off long after you have left the stage.

  • 200 police officers are on hand in East Lansing tonight to quell any "over-enthused" celebrations by fans. Last Saturday, 60 people were arrested for minor incidents, half of which weren't MSU students. Tear gas instead of tasers for crowd crontrol. You've been warned.

  • The traditional Governor Gamble is on, Gov. Granholm and Gov. Perdue betting the usual jersey-wearing, food tasting, and subsequent funny photograph on today's game. Some food bank out there will be the real winner, with a donation made to the winning state.

  • Tom Izzo still needs to shave his head.

  • Overshadowed by the Showdown in Motown, the Tigers quietly begin their season in Toronto tonight. Check out the Opening Day line-up here. The Comerica opener is set for this Friday afternoon. Don't worry guys, we will be with you shortly... in the meantime...