Monday, April 27, 2009

Six O'Clock News - Why Can't Mikey Do Math? Edition

  • Mike Cox has a little math problem. OK, it's a big math problem. We are (rough guess) $2 billion in the hole right now, and Mike wants to "cut the new $2.6 billion Michigan Business Tax in half and repeal the $700 million increase in personal income taxes". To pay for this, he has identified $187 million in tax increases for teachers and state employees! How that equals roughly $4 billion in revenue shortfall, I'm really not sure, but I do know that it proves that Mike Cox has no business being in any position that has anything to do with the public safety and well-being. Seriously dude, you are a fiscal joke when you say things like this.

  • Mike's math problem just goes to show that we DO need more college graduates in this state, and it's a darn good thing we raised the high school graduation requirements as well. People need to be able to see past the lies of the "cut taxes" crowd. On that note, it was great to see that Michigan named its 10 Michigan Promise Zones over the weekend; all these communities will now be able to raise the funds to guarantee college for their local students.

    Designations have been awarded to Baldwin Community Schools, Battle Creek Public Schools, Benton Harbor Area Schools, the City of Detroit, the School District of the City of Hazel Park, Jackson Public Schools, the Lansing School District, the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District, the School District of the City of Pontiac and the Saginaw School District.

    Don't be like Mike, kids. Go to college. Take lots of math. We need people who can budget.

  • Swine flu hysteria is good for one Michigan business - O'Mara Scientific medical supply in Grandville (right outside GR) had over one million surgical masks ordered over the weekend. Interesting quote: "While not mentioning names, Sobczak says he is filling orders for the world's largest pharmaceutical company, the first and second largest contract research organization and emergency planning organizations in the state". Do they know something we don't?

  • Want to see some really cool shots of Michigan Central Station? The Freep has 5 inside and outside 360 panoramas from photog Anne Savage of Revolutionary Views. A suit has been filed to block demolition of the station, claiming that the city has not made a survey of the building's historical value. Can't imagine what it would cost to restore the place, especially after seeing all the damage, but it sure would be nice if someone tried.

  • Maybe we should start calling him "Torture Pete". Go read how Hoekstra manages to sit on both sides of THAT fence as well. Good grief, Pete, take a stand already.

  • Yet more film professionals praise Michigan for its commitment to growing the industry here, and they see a very bright future for us, IF we don't mess with the incentives already in place.

  • Bid for a Michigan vacation! The Michigan Festivals & Events folks have 63 items up for bid online including stays at various resorts, Tiger tickets, seminars, and more. Have to register at the site, which is free.

  • In case you missed it, Michigan's first road stimulus project broke ground last Friday up on I-75 near West Branch. I forget where I saw it, but someone somewhere was complaining about the signs that were made that designate it as a "recovery project". Why do Repubs hate sign makers? And, you just know if there weren't signs made to identify it, they would accuse the government of trying to hide "waste, fraud and abuse" or some such thing. Eh, probably should just ignore the nay-sayers; there are people working right now because of the stimulus, and Lord knows we need all the road fixin' we can get. Onward and upward. The first of many to come.