Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amway to Hold "Private" Fireworks Over Downtown Grand Rapids Tonight

This is so comical. And so typical. Amway is holding a bunch of events this week to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and tonight they will have fireworks in the downtown Grand Rapids sky.

The public is not invited to attend. No, I'm not kidding.

An eight-minute display "much larger and much more intense" than the longer Celebration on the Grand fireworks show will light up downtown over the Grand River tonight.

But the public is being discouraged from taking in the spectacle.

The show, expected around 10 p.m., is part of a series of private events Ada Township-based Amway Corp. is holding this week for more than 1,000 visiting executives and distributors, marking the company's 50th anniversary.

Big hush hush. Don't look! This is just for the "special people".

Amway spokeswoman Kate Makled said the company would prefer the public stay away from what Mike VanLoo, of Melrose, described as "almost an eight-minute grand finale."

"We're not encouraging anyone, including employees, to drive down for this -- it's just a few minutes of fireworks," Makled said in an e-mail.

Matter of fact, Amway won't tell you anything. You are going to have to use taxpayer dollars to find out what is going on. You thought you had a right to know what is going on in your public sky? Guess again, citizen.

Grand Rapids Fire Inspector Ted Jensen, who coordinates fireworks permits, said he was asked by the "event organizer" not to release information about the show to the public.

"You have to file a Freedom of Information request," Jensen said. "That's the policy if you want the paperwork."

The Press filed the request Wednesday afternoon. The process can take up to two weeks for the city to process.

WOOD-TV says that they are closing Ah-Nab-Awen Park, this is the area right in front of the Ford Museum where the public usually congregates to watch fireworks, so they can further discourage the public from attending.

I'd go try and take pictures, but I have concerns they might try to confiscate my camera. This is a private party for important people, and you know how the DeVos clan feels about that... shoot, they might have to try and pass an amendment or something if you insist on looking at their fireworks. You peasant you.