Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jeremy Bonderman Rehabs With West Michigan

Here is my excuse for not going to the Policy Summit, besides the fact that I am a Bad Progressive! (ask anyone). Actually, I'm all about the photo-op, and baseball players, especially Tigers, do a whole lot better on Flickr than politicians. And there was the matter of the 15 minute drive versus the 2 1/2 hr. drive, which factored into the equation as well.

I paid for my folly though. It was a beautiful spring day, but there was a mighty north wind coming out of center field that was freezing, so I suffered once again for my art. Not to mention my aversion to big crowds out there, and they had over ten thousand show up last night. Here is a brief set of the Jeremy Bonderman rehab start with the West Michigan Whitecaps. He picked up the win 13-6, looked solid, in command, velocity seems a bit low - but if I had to choose between him and Dontrelle Willis at this point, I'd go with him. Look for him back in the line-up soon.

Now I'm going to be a Bad Homeowner! and blow off working on the yard that is starting to look like the jungles of Southeast Asia. Next February, when I look back at the shots of the sunshine and ball players, I will be glad I did. You only live once, right?

Ciao, baby.