Friday, May 29, 2009

Mackinac Center's Jack McHugh on the "Ignorant Masses"

Hey Michigan. Did you know that the Mackinac Center thinks you are the "ignorant masses"? Jack McHugh had some select words for Tim Skubick's column today; just thought I'd drag them out for everyone's consumption, see what y'all think. Good to know where we, the public, really stand with the "enlightened ones" at the Mac - but don't feel bad, he condescends to Skubick as well.

Tim talks about the fact that candidates for governor are going to say the usual things that they always say... and he's more than a bit cynical (and maybe bored) with it. Aren't we all?

But when they come calling, ask them for specifics. “What can you do to turn the economy around?”

And when they launch into their “we will cut business taxes bla, bla, bla,” call for a time out.

If cutting taxes were the answer, how come former Gov. John Engler’s $2-billion in tax cuts did not insulate the state from an eight-year recession?

When they can’t answer that, they will launch into turning the economy around by eliminating all the bureaucratic red tape in Lansing.

Take this to the bank: even if there were not a stitch of red tape left, that would not work either. If no one wants to create jobs, red tape is a moot issue.

Next they will harp about knowing how to work with business, and those ties would send the jobless rate plummeting.


Never fear. McHugh comes down from Mount Arrogant in a comment to bring us the gospel according to The Extremes That Are Unelectable Simply Because We Are Stupid. The magic elixir for Michigan's economy? Less taxes, less regulation, less pay for you, the worker.

You know, just like the Bush Years. That worked so well, didn't it?

That’s it. That’s all they - we - have to do. Note that to make it happen will require things that you and most Dome readers will hate and declare to be “politically impossible,” including major reductions in taxes, government spending and regulatory burdens. Adult supervision at DEQ. Perhaps a Right-to-Work law.

Not more Jeff Daniels ads. Not more MEGA tax breaks or cash subsidies to the politically sexy industries du jour. Not more borrowing against cigarette lawsuit revenue to buy more Pure Michigan ads. All that stuff is eyewash for the ignorant masses (and/or payoffs to politically well connected “rent-seekers”), and everyone reading this publication knows it or should know it.

As if the Mac Center didn't take "payoffs" from the "politically connected". Or those that want to be, if only they didn't have such arrogance speaking for their ideas.

Go ahead, call the public "stupid" some more. See how far that gets ya. We will all be socialists before you know it.