Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Michigan Backs Graduated Income Tax, Film Credits

Hey, here's a bit of good news. Ballot proposal, anyone?

Nearly twice as many Michiganians favor a graduated income tax that would lower the tax rate on the poor. The survey of 600 registered voters by EPIC-MRA of Lansing found 60 percent favor a graduated income tax as a replacement for the state's 4.35 percent flat tax on income for everyone while 33 percent oppose the idea. The poll, taken May 18-21, has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Nice numbers. Dems, indies and women rule.

The survey shows Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to support a graduated income tax by 78 percent to 34 percent. And 59 percent of independents back the proposal. Two-thirds of women respondents favored the graduated tax to more than half of men respondents.

And I'm loving this next set of stats. You got trouble, Nancy. A film cap would not be popular, and makes it very unlikely to get through the House, unless those Dems want ads run against them in 2010. The question was leading in the possible responses as well, indicating the credits take from state, but not mentioning that the credits bring jobs, per say, just "industry". Interesting, that. Makes me wonder who is writing these questions, and what their motivation is. Anyway, WOOD has the full script here, but the Detroit News version carries the pertinent info without all the script prompts. Easier to read.

A maximum 42 percent tax break for filmmakers who shoot movies in Michigan has its backers and its detractors. Some say it is bringing a new industry and high-paying jobs to the state; others say the $100 million cost of the state credit this year is too big of a price to pay.

But the film tax credit drew overwhelming support from poll respondents. The survey shows 70 percent favor it to 21 percent opposed.

Other poll numbers - the $10 fee for parks squeaks by 50-45, but the question did not indicate that it is voluntary. Probably would make a difference, don't you think? And the RPS question was worded with a horrible leading slant...

"Do you favor or oppose a proposal that would require 10 percent of the energy generated in Michigan to come from renewable energy sources, which would mean higher energy bills for consumers?

... and even that was very close, with a 48 opposed to a 45 support. Gotta love EPIC and their strange scripts. Or, not.

600 people, May 18th-21st. Take it for what it's worth, because some of that wording is very curious indeed. Good to know that progressive ideas still come out on top though.