Monday, May 04, 2009

Mike Cox Already Complaining About Budget Cuts

Not surprising at all, really. The people who clamor the loudest for "more tax cuts" that will further hurt the state budget are always the first to complain when it is their special interest that takes a cut. Mike Cox, who just got done telling us that we need to cut revenue to the tune of almost two billion dollars, is now trying to tell us that his department shouldn't have to face the same cuts as others.

How typical.

Cox said he was concerned the executive order will call for 4 percent cuts in all departments, since that means a larger cut proportionately for departments that receive more general fund money than for those that don't.

He thinks asking his office, state police and corrections to take the same size cut in general fund dollars as departments that get more in federal funds or other revenue - such as the Department of Community Health - is the wrong move.

"Not to sound trite and Republican, but in every business, every household, there's things that have different value. There are some things in state government that are more essential than others," he said. "Four percent to us means a lot more than it does to DCH or (the) secretary of state."

Some animals are more equal than others, right? Sorry Mike, but you do sound trite, and very Republican, when you say these things. The words "hypocrite", and "cold-hearted, selfish bastard" come to mind as well.

Enough already. You wanted to "reduce government", and that is what is going to happen here. Got a problem with it? Then get out there and raise the revenue to fund your department. If not, have a big 'ol cup of STFU. No one wants to hear your whining when you finally get exactly what you asked for.