Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bouchard Strategy: "I'll Be So Unpopular, You'll Never Re-Elect Me"

Um, Mike, you sure you want to run with this theme?

Saying that he is willing to be a one-term governor because the kind of changes he would support for state government could mean he might not win re-election, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard kicked off his run for the GOP nomination for governor.

No, Mike, how this works is, you see, you have to do what the people want. Starting off by saying that people won't like what you do? Well, that probably won't get you many votes. "Hey, I'll vote for the guy I'll hate" isn't quite the motivator you might think it is. Hard to believe, I know.

Strike one.

He acknowledged to Gongwer that the only reason he got in the race is that Brooks Patterson didn't, which basically is an admission that he believes that another person would be better for the job. Why would we want Oakland County's second best?

Strike two.

The Detroit News highlights Mike's compassionate side.

Bouchard said he loves his job, but he just can't stand by anymore and watch people and the state suffer.

"I can't sit back and watch families feel pain and anxiety and say 'I'm OK.' I can't ignore it. It's not in my DNA," he said.

So, what is he going to do about that? He's going to stop all that overspending, you know - that spending that we do that alleviates some of that pain and anxiety for families. Turns out they cost too much.

"We have a huge out-of-control spending problem. Michigan is spending $2 billion more than it takes in. The state is broken," he said.

Yeah, Mike, that's called a "recession". Say it slowly, re-cess-ion. What happens in a re-cess-ion is that we don't take in enough money. Has nothing to do with spending, really. Unless you want to cut off all the health care and education and services to those families that are feeling all that pain and anxiety. Oh, and by the way, we're going to have to do that anyway in the next few months, and "more cuts" is going to be a very bad slogan to use pretty soon. Just so you know.

Strike three. Thanks for playing.