Friday, June 26, 2009

GE to Bring Alternative Energy Jobs to Michigan

Major announcement expected at 10:30 this morning. See streaming video at GE Reports.

From GE:

In a major win for the hard-hit Michigan industrial sector, GE announced today that it’s in-sourcing a key R&D facility to a site just outside of Detroit. Over the next few years, the new Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center will grow to more than 1,100 scientists and engineers focusing on information technology, clean energy and aviation R&D. GE Reports will host a live webcast of the announcement by GE’s Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt and key Michigan officials at 10:30 a.m. ET.

The scientists and engineers at the Michigan site will develop next generation manufacturing technologies in areas such as renewable energy, jet engines, gas turbines and other high-technology products. The work will include development of composites, such as those used in jet engines and wind turbines; finding faster and more efficient ways of machining components; and developing inspection, casting, and coating technologies for GE’s Aviation and Energy businesses.

The site will also house GE experts in software development, data architecture, networking, business intelligence and program management. They’ll develop software to support GE’s business operations for several advanced technologies, like the smart grid. The site also will serve as a training hub for GE information technology professionals.

All our major Democratic officials will be there, as will Dr. Ed Montgomery, director of Obama's Auto Recovery team.

This is big. GE is a major player in the alternative energy business, investing billions in the past couple years - and they picked Michigan!

Heads on the right are exploding as we speak. Will be interesting to see what the Green Jobs Deniers will say to this one...