Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Obama at 71% Approval in Michigan, While the GOP Roots for the Failure of GM

I used to think that we couldn't count on the Republicans to implode forever. Surely they would wake up after being crushed in two consecutive election cycles. Masters of public manipulation, they would shift course when their tactics had obviously stopped working. They would realize that their extreme right wing social and economic policies were driving away the independents and moderates in droves, so they would put a stop to the nonsense, and start a gradual shift to the middle.

Guess I was wrong. So very wrong. They keep finding new and impressive ways to turn off the American public, usually by trying to throw mud on our very popular president. It backfires, and their latest stunt will backfire in a big way here in Michigan.

First, a new statewide approval poll... and note the "highest in survey history" part. Michigan is Obama country, at least for now.

Michigan residents remain sour on the economy, according to MSU’s latest State of the State Survey, but that pessimism does not extend to President Barack Obama – whose 71 percent approval rating is one of the highest in survey history.

Respondents of Michigan State University’s quarterly survey also gave Gov. Jennifer Granholm her most favorable mark in three years – although the 33 percent approval rating is well below her high of 58 percent recorded during her first year as chief executive in 2003.
Almost a ten point bounce for Granholm since last fall. Governor bashing is falling out of vogue because she aligns so well with Obama. Not only were the leadership results impressive, Michigan party identification numbers show a trend line that needs to be pictured in all its stunning beauty for the whole world to see.

Now ask yourself, what could the Republicans possibly do to drive down their numbers even further, especially here in Michigan?

They could express their desire to see GM fail in the never-ending quest to prove that "government" is a failure. Politico comes right out and calls its story "GOP hopes GM is Obama's Katrina", complete with many quotes from GOP leaders to indicate the truth behind the title.

But Republicans see in GM a chance for their party to come out with a unified message — a confidence grounded in the conservative belief that government involvement in private industry always spells disaster. And GM’s long history of financial problems — even in more prosperous times — also makes Republicans see the company as a big albatross around Obama’s neck.
As Kathy pointed out yesterday, the right wing is running with this line by calling for a boycott of GM. THAT should go over big here in the Great Lakes state. Since we all know that Rush runs the show, we can count on national GOP leaders to either follow their leader, or least stay out of the line of fire.

"While it's not surprising that Rush Limbaugh would root for the failure of a national institution for partisan political gain, it is surprising that the other so-called leaders of the Republican party are silently going along with him given how many hard working Americans rely on GM for a living," said DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan.
Do Michigan Republicans believe that we should avoid GM products? Do they want to see Obama and "government" fail with the automakers and throw thousands more out of work? Do these questions make you want to laugh out loud at the thought of the many ways the MRP will try and dodge this particular issue?

They are valid questions - and they should be asked of all Republican candidates soon. Since the major GOP players in the gubernatorial race are already out there campaigning and the press is eating it up, maybe we can get some reaction to this latest Republican self-inflicted wound. I would love to see them weasel their way out of this one.

I also would love to see that blue trendline keep reaching for the sky. Keep up the good work, Rush. Let's see if we can get that red line below 15% soon.