Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Senate Republicans (Still) Obstructing Smoking Ban, Drug Company Immunity Legislation

New week, same obstructionist Senate. Yawn.

Mike Bishop indicated today that he's "in no hurry" and needs more time on the smoking ban.

The House last week voted to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and other workplaces with exemptions for Detroit casinos and smoke shops.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop told reporters today that Republicans will review the legislation but take their time working through the details.

The foot dragging on our one-of-a-kind drug company immunity law continues as well, as a scheduled vote for today has now been pushed back to October.

The Senate Republican Majority’s avoidance of Michigan’s drug industry immunity law continued today, as the Senate Democrats’ efforts to force a vote on legislation to return justice to Michigan victims of prescription drugs was postponed for four more months. On April 30, 2009, Republicans pushed off an up or down vote on the issue of drug immunity until June 2, and as the date was reached today, they further delayed their own deadline and put off any action on the legislation until October.

Just the kind of guy you want for your Attorney General, isn't it? One that will simply put off protecting the citizens of Michigan so he can serve the big money lobbyists and partisan interests instead.

Keep on kicking the can down the road, Mike. The campaign ads just write themselves, and the title of "obstructionist" will stick even better.

Wonder if Saul wants to sell that clock sign he used to drag around...