Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whitmer Slams Marsden, Republican Leadership for Attack on Garcia

This is absolutely beautiful. Senator Gretchen Whitmer got up today and went after Matt Marsden and the Senate Republican leadership for their shameful attack on Valde Garcia last week.

As you may recall, Mike Bishop threw one big hissy fit over the state trooper cuts last week, cuts that the Senate knew about and approved over a month ago. After pulling this stunt for the press, that very day they couldn't agree on how to restore the funding to the MSP - and we are talking about a few million dollars from people who brag about cutting the budget by $1.2 billion. Garcia is leaving to fulfill his duties to the National Guard, and won't be available for a later vote. He had this to say:

"It was a mistake to not pass the Michigan State Police budget today, and it was also a mistake to not save the troopers," Garcia wrote in a statement. "As chairman of the Senate Appropriations State Police and Military Affairs Subcommittee, I provided a budget that had effective solutions. The budget was fiscally responsible. It made hard cuts, did not overspend and, most importantly, continued to protect Michigan residents."
And Chatty Matty attacked Garcia for it. This is what happens to Republicans who step out of line, and try to save the Majority Leader and his office staff from making total jackasses of themselves.

"If anyone in the caucus is confused on the status of the State Police budget, it's the senator from Howell," Marsden said. "So allow me to clarify the Senate's position. The Legislature will all be at work in Lansing next week doing what the citizens elected us to do. Fear not, the senators in attendance are perfectly capable of resolving the MSP budget while Senator Garcia tends to whatever it is that requires his attention on this occasion.
Yeah, that would be SERVICE to his COUNTRY. So have a little RESPECT for the troops why don't you. Gretchen does, and she will cross the aisle to stand up for him. You gotta see this.

And the attacks on her that she is referring to? That would be this sexist blast from Marsden over the cuts to staff budget that she suggested for saving the cops.

"Sen. Whitmer could spare the Senate her shrill general election campaign prattle until after her convention nomination," said Matt MARSDEN, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester). "I do, however, encourage her to stick with the platform of redistribution of wealth through self-serving transparency. I think it will really resonate with the voters."
Got a newsflash for you guys: The voters don't give a damn about your staff budgets, and if they had their way, you would be punching a time clock and eating cold gruel during your "employment" to our state. So go ahead, use that one in a campaign spot, and see how many votes it gets ya.

You don't see Marsden calling men "shrill" - but being such an intense little drama freak, maybe he would. I'll let you know if it happens. In the meantime - WTG Senator Whitmer. Keep up the good work.