Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Governor Granholm on CNBC's "Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Health Care"

With the debate over health care raging across the country, I bet you've been sitting at home and wondering, "Hey, what ever happened to Bill Frist? Is he OK? Has he found honest employment yet?"

Well, you are in luck. Your questions have been answered in this hour-long special from CNBC; Bill is alive and well, and he is still out there still being Bill. Governor Granholm gets into it with him a bit towards the end, and it's quite entertaining.

Health care reform questions can't all be answered in an hour of course, but this panel brings up some good arguments on both sides. They could have pared it down a bit - a few too many voices, and they start shouting over each other at times. Still a good show.

Here is the segment with Frist, links to all five parts are below.

Part 1: The Health Care Debate
Part 2: Fear of Change, Quality of Care
Part 3: Capitalism & Healthcare
Part 4: The Future of Healthcare
Part 5: Healthcare System Solutions

Governor does a great job, although I think they edited her down a couple of times. You know how she gets. Particularly impressive was Dr. Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic - guy knows his stuff.

Bottom line is: America needs to fix its broken health care system, or we will not be able to compete in a global economy. Better hope that the Democrats in Congress grow a spine and stand up and fight for the public option. Indications are that they will... but you know how they get. Keep your fingers crossed - our economic future depends on this getting fixed, and it needs to get done this year.