Friday, July 17, 2009

Granholm Guarantees Michigan Promise Scholarship Will Survive

Just a heads up - this week's radio address states, once again, that the Promise Scholarship is not on the table when it comes to the current budget negotiations. Emphasis hers.

Although the state Senate recently voted to eliminate the Promise Scholarships, we will not allow this to happen. Families have already budgeted for these funds, we will not break the promise of this scholarship to students and their families.

Didn't think they would. The Senate Republicans passed these draconian budget cuts just for show. They do not want to be responsible for taking away this scholarship, and now that the gauntlet has been thrown down (a couple of times), if they press the issue, they will look really bad. And nobody really wants to take this away anyway - it's much needed given economic conditions and rising tuition, and works towards the goal we all want to see; more college graduates in Michigan. It's a must to attract business and keep quality of life. No brainer.

Budget negotiations are now going on "behind closed doors", which doesn't give us much to yell about in the meantime.

Er... wait. Maybe that is what they have in mind. Well, that's no fun. If I can't complain about the legislature, just what am I supposed to do with myself here?

Won't somebody please think of the bloggers???