Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bishop Proud Of The "Angry Mob"

It's already been established that these "mobs" are being driven to display extreme anger and are threatening violence due to the lies about health care reform that are being repeated by the likes of extremist fear mongers like Beck, Limbaugh, and the big money right wing lobbyists that want to protect the profits of the insurance industry.

Mike Bishop likes it that people are scared with lies, though. He thinks that is a good thing, and he is "proud" of the mobs that are uncivil and shout down other people. He feeds on their anger and fear.

He also thinks it's a good thing to issue vague threats against the office of the governor of this state. So much so, he repeats the "warning" again today in an e-mail to his supporters.

In an email sent out to supporters, Bishop said he is “proud” of the mobs and even went as far as to threaten to sic them on Governor Granholm. Bishop said in the email, “I also warned the Governor…that these same citizens are likely to be just as upset with her.”

Wonder why that would be. After all, it is Mike Bishop and the Senate Republicans who want to cut the Michigan Promise Scholarship, cut all the other college aid too, cut early childhood education along with K-12 funding, cut health care funding, cut your local cops and firefighters, cut the film incentives... cut just about everything that is good for your state. It's all on them. Even Bishop's spokesperson says that the Senate Republicans will be "demonized" for the cuts they want to make to early childhood education. And where is the money for the MSP that the Republicans promised?

So, it seems that maybe the anger is a bit misdirected here. Perhaps it should be focused on those greedy individuals who want to destroy our quality of life, and then turn around and blame other people for their actions. Perhaps it should be focused on those who make threats against elected officials. As much as I despise what this guy stands for, I would never condone threats of violence against him. Then again, I have class, and Bishop obviously is lacking in that department.

Perhaps it's time to remind Mike Bishop that we threw the lying Bush Republican bullies out of office with the election of '08. He epitomizes everything that the public wanted to "change".

Or maybe we should just let him keep running his mouth. Somewhere out there, Bill Schuette is smiling.