Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Ever-Changing Rationale of Nancy Cassis

Nancy Cassis smiled for the Freep today and promised that there will be an agreement on the MEGA tax credit legislation within the next month so her district can benefit from the redevelopment of the Ford Wixom plant.

“This could be a model for other mothballed auto plants in Michigan, in the country,” Cassis said. “It really speaks to the green, renewable energy platform the governor has talked about.”

Well, that is certainly great news. Glad to hear that Cassis is on board with the governor's agenda. Granholm told Walt Sorg this morning that the MEDC has over 60 projects in the pipeline, and we certainly need to keep those companies and their potential jobs coming to our state, don't we? Sure we do.

Unless they are small businesses. THAT was Nancy's problem, silly rabbit - she doesn't want credits going to those small businesses that don't create a significant number of jobs.

Cassis has criticized Granholm for doling out tax credits to smaller companies that create few jobs. Granholm has said there already are rules so that firms that do not produce jobs do not get tax credits.

Cassis said the Wixom project is the kind of large-scale redevelopment with high-paying jobs for which state tax credits ought to be reserved.

But when it comes to the film credits though, Cassis will admit she likes the big studio projects, but she is still against the incentives because she wants breaks to go to - wait for it - small businesses.

Cassis says the incentives aren't having as much impact as proponents contend. But she is a fan of using tax incentives to lure more
long-term investment by the film industry -- including proposals for studios in Allen Park and Pontiac.

But, she argues, the incentives have only made some Hollywood types wealthier when small businesses aren't getting breaks.

And they certainly won't now if Cassis wants to put a limit on those who can get MEGA credits.

You can sort of understand what Cassis is getting at here, but it's amazing the lengths Republicans will go to so they can continue to rationalize their simplistic "more tax cuts" philosophy.