Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rally to Support Health Care Reform Today at Congressman Schauer's Jackson Office

Just a reminder to come out today and rally for health care reform, and to thank Congressman Schauer for his support on this issue.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2009 @ 3:30 P.M.
Congressman Mark Schauer's District Office
800 West Ganson
Jackson, MI 49202

Schauer is holding an invitation only meeting this morning in Eaton Rapids, as well as a public telephone conference call tonight to address health care issues, but since the wingnuts hadn't received their marching orders yet when Congressman Schauer held five public events in July...

“We continue to reach out through town halls and a myriad of other formats,” Pohl said, including Congress on Your Corner events, as well as a public health care forum in July in Tecumseh. The Tecumseh forum was one of five Schauer held in the district.

... they are seizing on today's event to demonstrate that they... can't read, or something. Funny how they couldn't be bothered to show up before the screaming started, isn't it?

Tim Walberg, sensing an opportunity for a publicity stunt, has announced that he will be holding town hall meetings to pass out directions to your local emergency room. When this issue was put before the former Congressman during the last election...

After being asked by a member of the audience how people who cannot afford food could be expected to purchase health care, Walberg said:

"Right now everybody in the United States has some health care, maybe even the emergency room."

And he went on to clarify himself when the audience disagreed:

"Everyone can walk in an emergency room and receive basic health care."

... that was his answer. Doubtful that much has changed, but like Mike Bishop before him, Walberg is going to take advantage of a frightened and angry group of people for his own personal gain.

Another note: Main Street Alliance, a coalition of small business owners with organizations in 15 states, is releasing an ad to support Congress members who are working for reform. Here is the version that thanks Schauer for his efforts.