Tuesday, September 22, 2009

House May Look at "Targeted Revenues"

Why do I have this picture of Matt Marsden running through the halls of the Capitol at this very moment, waving a piece of paper and yelling, "Signed agreement! We have a signed agreement!"

Seems that Speaker Dillon might have a little problem on keeping his promise that he would deliver his caucus for Republican slaughter.

"We may look at targeted revenues before the end of this week," he said.

Asked which tax or fee increases he was considering, Dillon said: "I have a list of what my tax group has put together that we could get the most votes for," but he declined to elaborate.

The speaker said passing a continuation budget for those departments in which spending targets can't be reached "is a possibility," but one he wasn't interested in exercising before taking a shot at getting the entire budget passed. He said voting on budgets could begin as early as Wednesday, but would more likely happen Thursday and Friday.

The big ticket items - human services, community health, and revenue sharing - are the hold up. From the Freep:

“I don’t think I can get the DHS budget out of the House,” said Dillon, referring to the Department of Human Services budget which provides Medicaid funding for health care for the poor.

Good for the House. Maybe they do have some spine after all...