Thursday, September 03, 2009

McCotter Spokesperson: "You Get Extremes At Town Halls"

In an attempt to dodge his constituents, the Thadder ends up dissin' the teabaggers. Shoe, meet the other foot.

About 150 plan to protest at Congressman Thaddeus McCotter's Livonia district office at 3 p.m. today because he has not held a town hall forum on health care during the August recess.

"All of us have called and e-mailed, and we have not been able to get any satisfaction," said Scott Craig of Northville. "Most of us have not been able to have meetings with staff people. (McCotter) seems to know how we think on this issue already."

McCotter spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said the Republican Congressman has had telephone town halls, reaching thousands of people rather than hundreds.

And the money quote... drum roll please...

"You get extremes at town halls, and normal people are not heard," she said.

Hear that, teabaggers? It's the sound of McCotter throwing you under the bus. You're not "normal people".

Glad we have that all cleared up.