Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Senator Anderson Calls Out Job Killer Cassis

"Job killer" is a name that the Republicans love to tag on ... well, just about everything that they don't want to enact. Ever notice that? Can't ban smoking in public places because it will be a "job killer". The MBT surcharge, that they created, mind you, is a "job killer". And so forth and so on.

But with Nancy Cassis, and her recent stunts concerning the MEGA credits, that moniker now truly fits something - and it has a nice ring to it as well. Job Killer Cassis. Say it often. Not only does she want to kill film industry jobs, she IS killing other jobs by holding up this MEGA legislation, and Senator Glenn Anderson comes right out and says so today - even after Cropsey tried to stop him.

Some text - but you really have to watch the whole thing. It's priceless.

It's really a feeble attempt to divert attention from using her position as Chair of the Finance Committee to block action on legislation that will bring thousands of jobs to our state, in order to get a bill moved that has her name on it.

Normally, I would dismiss her comments, as we have all grown accustomed to her "the sky is falling" proclamations and wild accusations. But this time, she used her position to delay action on a job creation proposal, that could bring 4000 or more jobs to southeast Michigan, and to her very own district.

I think it's inexcusable, and shameful at a time when people are crying out for this legislature to revive our state's economy. I would hope that the leader of her caucus and her fellow members would reign in her political actions...

At that point, Cropsey objected and said it was "against Senate rules" to speak out like this - but Anderson just went ahead anyway and finished his comment.

I loves me some Senate Dems.