Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Speaker Dillon Needs a New Set of Friends

Hey Andy. Check out what your buddies at the GOP are saying about you. Geez, if you are going to "sign agreements" with their top dog in the Senate and move all their budgets for them, the least they could do is stop trashing you. Don'tcha think?

House Democrats who are voting for these Republican budget bills might want to make note of this, too. If this is what they do to the guy who is making deals with them, just stop and think about what they are going to do to you when you vote for these drastic cuts. From the MI GOP:

House Majority Leader Andy Dillon and Senate Minority Leader Mike Prusi are busy men. While most Michigan residents wait on pins and needles tonight for word of a state shutdown because of the deficit, the two Democrat leaders are on their way to a fundraiser, as reported in Gongwer.

“Who was dumb enough to schedule a fundraiser for Sept. 30,” said Michigan Republican Party Director of Communications Jennifer Hoff. “Apparently Dillon and Prusi are more concerned with raising money for the Party than balancing the state budget and protecting people from losing their job.

Dillon could’ve taken care of the budget and protected Michigan families and jobs earlier, but he spent all summer on a media blitz in his run for governor. Prusi could have done the same, but he spent all summer twiddling his thumbs and wishing he could run for governor.”

The Senate Dems, who have been fighting mad all day, are on the ball with this press release in response.

“Senator Prusi has been at the Capitol all day and will be here as long as it takes to work out a budget resolution that doesn’t rob our kids of an education, take police and firefighters off our streets, or slash health care for our families. Michigan Republicans are putting out blatant lies because of the guilty conscience they have for running off to party on Mackinac Island last weekend with their political donors instead of sticking around town so that we wouldn’t be in this last minute crisis. Where was the Michigan GOP’s concern for attendance when Senate Republicans canceled session all summer so they could enjoy their vacation?”

Hmmm. "Immediate effect" looks more distant all the time.

And Speaker Dillon might end up the loneliest guy in Lansing before this is over. Can't say we didn't warn him.