Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tim Walberg Holds Fundraiser With Joe "You Lie!" Wilson

Two extremist peas in one pod for one morning, turning a buck off of disrespect and fifteen minutes of wingnut fame. Guess Walberg can't afford Palin... or Joe the Plumber, for that matter. He will have to stick with Old Yeller.

South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, who famously shouted "You lie!" at President Obama in his address before Congress, will be in Jackson next week to raise money for former Rep. Tim Walberg.

Walberg is running for his old seat in Congress that he lost to Battle Creek Democrat Mark Schauer last fall.

Wilson will appear at the Commonwealth Conference Center, 209 E. Washington Ave. in Jackson on Oct. 2. It begins around 8 a.m.

8 am? Must have a full day of crazy planned for Wilson after that. Tickets are cheap (just like his stunt!), $20 a head, and if you want your picture taken with Wilson (doesn't mention Walberg), it's $150. Get there early. Bring donuts.

The Battle Creek Enquirer had a nice piece about Wilson's outburst:

When Wilson called the president a liar in the middle of a speech outlining Obama's plan for health care reform, it was clear the street performance had invaded what is supposed to be -- even though it isn't -- a deliberative, altruistic and peaceful process. The lunacy had breached the laboratory.

And now the lunacy is breaching the 7th district. But you knew that the moment Tim decided he didn't want honest employment and wanted to get back to hatin' his government benefits, while he votes to deny everyone else a piece of the pie.

Ahhh, back to the good 'ol Bush days, right?