Thursday, October 22, 2009

House Republican Elsenheimer Upset by Veto of Snowmobile Trail

Never mind the destruction of the public schools. Or public safety. Or health care. When it comes to those things, House Republicans insist that we "live within our means", even though it might, you know, kill people. They bragged as they controlled this budget process, and they delivered the majority of votes for these devastating cuts to fundamental areas that are of crucial importance to our quality of life. It was Elsenheimer's time to shine.

But when comes to making cuts to special projects in his district? Now it's Elsenheimer's time to whine. The snowmobile trail from Bellaire to Jordan Valley, written into the House bill on the DNR/DEQ budget, was vetoed by the governor. Cue the violins.

"I'm disappointed because this is a tourism issue, and this could bring serious tourism dollars," State Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer (R-Kewadin), who along with Sen. Jason Allen has included the language for the trail.

Apparently the funding wasn't specifically earmarked. And there are environmental issues. Doesn't matter. When it comes to Republican pet projects, nothing else matters.

While no specific dollar amount was to be set aside for the trail project, finances would have been taken from the $976,900 in appropriations for additional projects.

"Historically, the reasons for canceling the trail have been weak," Elsenheimer said.

Among other roadblocks, the DNR previously cited the trail as being too close to a river and a detriment to the red-tailed hawk.

"They aren't even here in the winter," Elsenheimer said, noting that the hawks do not nest in the winter.

Tourism is a good thing. Winter tourism brings a lot of money to our state. We should encourage it. Definitely. Tell ya what, Republicans, why don't you RAISE THE MONEY to fund this trail, and we will gladly put it back, k?

If not, have a great, big, steaming hot cup of STFU. Nothing is more irritating than Republicans who want to complain about the "cuts to government" that they live for.