Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Obama and Other Stuff

Listen to your President. He knows best.

Michigan Weekend Update:

  • Day 17 of Michigan Budget held hostage. Bishop claims that he might, maybe, sorta, somewhat, we'll see, gotta talk to the caucus first, mumble mumble, excuses, more excuses, turn in the remaining budgets on Tuesday. Maybe. The LSJ had a nice editorial about this a few days ago, nothing much has changed.

  • Speaker Andy Dillon has some new supporters. Check out an updated version of his House web page - and wait for it. I take it Saul wasn't available? MIRS reports yesterday that labor groups are withholding donations to the House Democratic Fund to wait and see where things stand on Dillon's health care proposal, indicating that they will be selective about who they support from now on. They also are unhappy about Dillon rolling over for the Republicans on the budget. This could be MIRS trying to stir up shit, but given how people feel about what is happening here - it's very plausible. Campaign finance reports aren't due until the end of the month.

  • Brian Dickerson tells us not to expect the police to help you for burglaries or assault in Pontiac. Expect to see more stories such as this as soon as the Bishop-Dillon revenue sharing budget cuts really kick in. Pontiac is the shade of things to come.

  • Legislation to outlaw abortion by defining "personhood" was introduced once again in Lansing. Not being widely reported yet, but it has popped up in a few places. This bipartisan attempt to alienate women and drive away businesses by making us a intolerant anti-choice wingnut state can be found here. Is your Rep. listed? Mine is (you too, Kath). I'm done.

  • Mark Schauer and Gary Peters widened their lead over their Repub challengers in the 3rd quarter fundraising sweepstakes. Check out the total figures, as well as reports from other Michigan Congressional races here.

  • If you want to forget politics for the weekend (and who doesn't!), head on out for a color tour. Shaping up to be mighty nice weather out there, take some time and enjoy your beautiful state. Check the Fall Color Tour page for some ideas on where to go - farther north, the better.